Cartooning Fibro; trying to maintain my sanity with humour

So, I’ve had this flare going on since Christmas. Twice I was elated that it had passed, tricked into thinking all was well once more and I began in earnest to ticking off all the outstanding chores that built up whilst I was out of action. Only a day went by before the pain erupted and I was swamped with fatigue. Roll forward another few weeks and the same thing happened all over again.

I will confess that being a mother I am tormented by guilt; guilt that my kiddos have to observe their mother this way; guilt that my laundry has built up to monstrous proportions and that ‘take out’ will have to replace home cooking.

I’m also very aware that the longer this goes on, the harder it will be to face the world positively but that I absolutely need to or I could remain depressed which is brutal all round and/or I’ll trigger the pain cycle once more.

So this blog post will use funny to draw attention to the nuances of Fibro; one in an attempt to make myself feel a bit more upbeat, a little bit of catharsis’s and two it’s def much easier for others to want to read about and ‘get’ the experiences of others. Here we go…

And I extremely proud of myself 💪🏼

Read on and you’ll understand why
“They need to find a cure, that’s for sure…“ Who doesn’t love a bit of Seus?

The number of Doctor’s appointments I require is unfathomable
It’s persistent, can feel never ending, can be never ending. There are a number of life changes that we can make to offset the frequency of the vicious dog attacks though
True story
I used to love a good party 🎊
I do like to rebel now and again and get out with my friends but I have to factor in that the few weeks after will be hell

My experience is that it is 99% hidden apart from Oedema – tni? 😂
Usually caused by the crazy meds sufferers are prescribed – always check the side effects and join a forum, there’s always someone who’s tried what you’ve been prescribed. Be aware!
Pre diagnosis I thought I was going insane. I was luckier than many others because my diagnosis didn’t take the average 7yrs others had to wait. I do not feel lucky having fibro though.
Have you ever had painful hair? It sounds impossible but it happens and it’s bloody aching. Gentle massage does the trick
As a Mother, I’m always aware of this and it breaks my heart.
Human touch is one of the most beautiful things in the universe – but it can be agony for fibro guys I miss it dearly.
This captures it entirely. Please sir can I have a new body? Pretty please…?
For instance, I’ve a gnawing, throbbing, piercing pain in my elbow for over a week – there’s not a mark on it. But it bloody aching
You know that feeling when your
clothes hurt you…?
Vulgar but true
This is a very accurate depiction
I do laugh at this one because it’s something that’s been said to me a number of times 😂 I’d rather know I was alive by being able to fully live.

Movement problems: If only a good oiling would fix it.
One trick to help manage fibro is movement – the problem is that moving can very painful.

There was a time that I loved jumping out of my bed to go to work, to meet with family and friends, to go out for dinner and drinks.
A lotta lotta days…
I really do get sick of myself
Legit story
Fatigue is tired multiplied by 10,000
If someone asked me what my worst experience of having fibromyalgia is, I would tell them this, chronic fatigue. Fatigue so bad that walking 2 feet pushes me to tears, I could sleep for 3 days straight and wake as exhausted as I was falling asleep. I could go on, for a very long time.
And the possibly the next week too
So, 4 years on, whilst I’ve had the most interesting and painful journey of self discovery, I still make the same mistake over and over; as soon as a flare passes I jump and try to experience all the things that I missed out on, overexert myself and boom
back to square 1.
This is the well researched method for minimising the debilitating fatigue – building up your spoons aka energy units.
Where can I buy more spoons?

I’m an intelligent woman, a professional woman and I’ve so much to give the world but I’ve been given an extra challenge in life, one that shouldn’t have appeared until my 80’s; memory loss. I feel the loss of that and my speech greatly. Now what was that word I was thinking of…
What did I do with my list? 🤔
Now this made me laugh 😂😂😂 because I once went out with two odd boots
Autopilot and muscle memory can be so useful
I love ice cream 🍦
It can be so very frustrating and can lead to complete isolation from family and friends. Be mindful and care, check in with those you love

Check me out 💪🏼

Final note to my readers. By no means have I intended to underplay the experience of other fibromyalgia sufferers, this post aimed to capture the pain and suffering caused by fibromyalgia in a manner that enables me to process the affliction when I’m not feeling so good.

Money makes the world go round…

Is there anything out there still free?

So, this is my first blog. The initial one. The breaker-in and I’m about to stray off my planner to write about the events leading up to this blog and how, I as a professional woman, fell for the most common trick in the book by believing that a complete stranger wanted to help my business, for no other reason than being nice – something I’ve taught my two not to believe since they were old enough to hold electronics.

As a Virgo and a Mother of two, my mind never stops. 24/7. Even when I sleep I wake up thinking ‘what the hell’ ‘cos my dreams are as vivid and clear as though I’m living through them. Some are so realistic that it takes me hours to shake them off! Anyone else?

Anyways, a particular flaw of mine is that I’d analyse two flies walking up a wall… frustrating as hell to me because I lie in bed every night and I’ll analyse the minute details of the day, even those spent wandering around the house aimlessly searching for something that that I hadn’t cleaned, fixed or organised since lockdown number 1.

It’s particularly difficult for those around me because I tend to challenge their funny looks, their stillness, their breathing… I know, I don’t sound too well, but don’t fret, I’m perfectly fine, it’s just the fixer in me, it’s just who I am, Më, Jüst Më.

So, I’ve thought about setting up my own small business for about 8 years now and believe me I’ve thought the ins and outs of it to death! The time finally arrived when I decided to take the leap; I’ve a chronic illness ya see, which can incapacitate me from the world for sometimes over a week, so leap it was. Anyways, once I made my mind up I began in earnest to research the ins and outs of becoming a small business owner, filling pukka project pads by the 5’s with all the relevant information.

One section that I spent a fair bit of time on was branding, marketing and PR; and lucky me, didn’t I find an online link in Pinterest that directed me to a successful entrepreneur’s story, with, now wait for it, the option to sign up to a free email newsletter which would basically be my A-Z of business start up. I. Was. Delighted.

Interestingly enough, this ultra successful lady, 😌 advised that the success of my business would treble if I had a coinciding blog (and here I am…) advertising my products on a variety of different social platforms – sounds legit enough right? All I had to do was sign up for ‘instant’ emails and she’d guide me all the way.

Bumbling with excitement and multiplying the £ signs in my mind, I knew that with the Lady’s guidance, my wee business would shine. So I created a list – I love lists, there’s something very fulfilling about adding a different coloured tick beside a completed task – and with a variety of objectives to fulfil, I started the ball rolling in a methodical manner, filling my page eagerly with ticks.

Now I’m the type of person who subscribes to every website because I’m sure I’m going to get an offer or a deal on something that I don’t need, a Covid complication that I might need therapy for, and I promise myself that I’ll unsubscribe if the emails aren’t useful. This rarely happens because I never have the motivation to go the hundreds of glitzy, flashing emails I get daily.

But, never say never, because one boring Sunday afternoon I decided to do just that and wiped the entirety of my main email account. Well the feeling of success I got was enough to spur me onto clearing my other accounts. Within a day though I noticed that my emails were accumulating at a staggering rate, from accounts I’d never heard of, all offering me font packages, digital layouts Social Media templates and so on for my blog. Being a beginner blogger, my initial thought was, frick, this wasn’t something id factored in, not to mention that my bank balance was in its last throes of death – but, in chirps my inner thoughts… this must be the going standard for blogs these days and sure won’t the $186 be an investment into the business that was going to boom? Thankfully, the other 99 emails alerted me to the similarity of their content and costs, all with the overriding American theme.

I learned through the many feedback forms requesting a reason as to why I ignored their offers 🙄 that ‘ultra successful lady’ was at the centre of all these unwarranted communications; when I signed up to her, I signed up them. No wonder she was minted!

Thankfully, the maturity and wit that comes with my age and experience (or should), kicked in and after painstakingly deleting all and unsubscribing from the majority of the emails, it duly dawned on me that the A-Z of business setup was phantom also and I’d need to put the leg work in like every other hopeful entrepreneur.

A few solid lessons learned, costing me time and a dented ego, but thankfully no money. I learned that age/maturity doesn’t matter when you want something bad enough and there’s an attractive offer online and that I’d overestimated my level of experience of ‘online’, falling flat on my COVID tired face.

Seriously though, internet security isn’t to be laughed at. I got off lightly after being new blood and starry eyed in a field yet unknown to me, it could’ve been much worse.