Documenting My Journey with Juice Plus+ Introduction

Does Juice Plus+ help with Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

This is a very different type of blog than I’ve written before. This blog will focus on my experience of taking Juice Plus+ for four months and it’s impact, if any, on my health condition. I will add to the review on a weekly basis, reporting a variety of symptoms, denoting any changes experienced in the presiding week. It is my hope that I will experience a host of benefits by taking these supplements and that ultimately I get some of my life back.

What do I hope to gain by making a personal trial so public?

I hope that my readers can follow the trial and gain some insight into Fibromyalgia and what it is like to live with this condition whilst gaining a first hand account on the benefits to my health, if any, from taking Juice Plus+ for four months. I hope that this trial will enable others living with similar symptoms to me, make an informed choice on whether to opt into Juice Plus+ or not, helping them to invest in their health wisely 💛

For those of you reading my blog for the first time, Faílte / Welcome. I have written quite a lot about my life and living with Fibromyalgia, primarily about it’s impact on my ability to live. Currently, my health is at the worst point that I can remember since prior to my diagnosis in 2017. Prior to my diagnosis, I was in so much pain; physically and emotionally. My marriage had broken down and I spent months dismissing the pain that I was feeling as being connected to my marriage, psychosomatic for instance. It wasn’t until I physically couldn’t lift a box because it felt like my elbow was broken, that I realised that something wasn’t ‘right’. Roll forward four months and I was basically an invalid; unable to walk, cut up food, fit into my clothes or think straight.

This was devastating to me. It felt like the end of my world. I was an independent, strong, professional, woman; a Mother of two gorgeous human’s, who travelled throughout the North of Ireland and to Counties in the South of Ireland as part of my job. I went from someone working nearly 60hrs per week to barely being able to communicate. Fibromyalgia had become an uninvited and unwanted lodger in my body and I, its reluctant host.

From Christmas, I have really struggled to get a handle on the condition; in total I have had 15 days flare free – which is not good. Within the past few years I could get maybe a month to six weeks between flares, which was fantastic. This was definitely a result of learning about the condition as well as about myself; my triggers, accelerator’s, stress levels and stress management techniques. However, nothing has helped it over the past few months:- I am in constant pain, deeply fatigued, having tummy and skin issues, on top of going 3-4 nights in a row without sleep, regularly. It’s no surprise that I am significantly struggling with my mental health. I am also ridden with guilt because I’m unable to do everything that I used to do for my children and whilst they tell me that they understand, I know that they feel the loss of me and I certainly feel the loss of them.

Juice Plus+ – Where did the idea come from?

Whilst in the process of researching for Sweet Ellie Aromas, I watched a vlog on the benefits of Juice Plus+ on the vlogger’s physical and mental health. I had a multitude of questions and possibilities running through my mind as I made contact with the Vlogger, I’ll refer to her as ‘M’ for this blog. After a lengthy discussion about the current status of my health, M suggested adding me to a Facebook group where people shared their experiences of taking the supplements; there was 1000’s of members. I had a few days to read through the personal stories of individuals with Fibromyalgia taking Juice Plus+ and feeling really optimistic about trying the products, I contacted her to discuss my options.

I’ll admit to feeling pessimistic when I began to read the testimonies, thinking that the individuals with Fibro must have only had a mild form to begin with. I have no hesitation in stating that I was 100% wrong. As I read through the hundreds of testimonies from women with Fibromyalgia, I realised that the majority were like me; on the same medication, if not more, struggling to get through the day because of pain and fatigue and fearing that their lives would be like this forever. Their testimonies gave me more hope than I had felt in years and at once I began to believe that my health could be vastly improved by taking these products. .

Juice Plus+

A Juice Plus+ capsule contains 30 kinds of fruits, vegetables and berries. That gives you all the phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals you need to manage every day successfully and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Juice Plus+ Premium | Juice Plus+

Before agreeing to sign up for and commit myself to Juice Plus+ for at least four months, I googled a range of articles about the company and the products. What I’ve concluded is that they contain up to 30 freeze dried fruits and vegetables, they are a food supplement, they have thousands of ambassadors worldwide championing their many benefits as a food supplement, not as a vitamin or mineral.

It furnishes the body with vital phyto-nutrients, vitamins and minerals at cellular level that help protect the body against free radical attacks associated with degenerative disease.


Sounds brilliant doesn’t it!?! Yet, I suppose you’re thinking, ‘why not just eat the fruit and vegetables instead of purchasing a very costly supplement’, an excellent point, but the issue for me is that I love cooking but pain and exhaustion prevents me from doing it as often as I’d like to.

Google didn’t only bring up neutral or positive reviews of Juice Plus+, there were cautionary articles also. One article from Healthline.com questions whether Juice Plus+ should be classified as a good multivitamin, whilst querying the integrity of some of their research suggesting self-funding for some, thus lacking impartiality.

The Cost

The cost of this trial is just less than £100 per month, around £25 per week, totalling almost £400 for the four months. It’s a lot of money, especially for someone like me, a single Mother on low income, with a disability. However, If I feel half as good as those in their testimonies, then every single penny spent will be worth it.

So what do I get for my £100?

Every day I will take two Vegetable, Fruit, Berry and Omega blends capsules and will continue taking them for 16 weeks / 4 months. I have committed to the 4 months on the basis that it can take that time for the body to process the ingredients on a cellular level in addition to the detox period. Through the Detox period I am advised to expect some bloating, headaches and a general unwell feeling.

Dietspot.com have completed a good review on the product, correcting some of the assertions made by the company. There are a number of comments at the end of the article which are interesting to read at the very least. There are claims that the product has cured cirrhosis of the liver 😕, and has healed stage 4 cancer 🤔, all of which make me feel very stupid and foolish for believing the testimonies regarding fibromyalgia. Yet, I have committed to this and will give it 100%. Here’s a couple of those reviews to browse over yourself however…

Have more energy and feeling better

Danna Kincaid (Verified Purchase)”

“I have had Crohn’s disease since 2000. I started taking JP over four months ago and my last colonoscopy showed me to be in complete and total remission. I have more energy, maintain my weight better and feel better in general since I started JP. So it cost a little more, the benefits far outweight the cost”.

Juice Plus+ Review (UPDATE: 2021) | 11 Things You Need to Know (dietspotlight.com)

Thank God, enjoy new lifestyle

Johnny (Verified Purchase)

My wife was diagnoised with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2005. Dr. wanted her to take a shot every other day that she said may/may not work. Neighbors, whose son had fought a stage 4 brain tumor 12 years earlier (strong going strong today), introduced us to Juice Plus. 6 yrs later no signs of MS progrssion and no medications. So we Thank God, enjoy new lifestyle, and Take Juice Plus!!!

Juice Plus+ Review (UPDATE: 2021) | 11 Things You Need to Know (dietspotlight.com)

Parameters of my trial

I have chosen 5 areas that significantly impact on my overall ability to function normally, day and at night. These are the areas that I am eager for an improvement. I have added weight to the trial as this is something that I wish to change but it doesn’t necessarily hold me back at the moment.

I will record a short note (if required) for one of the following options every Thursday evening: No Change, Improvement or Deterioration. I am aware that I may go into a period of detoxification, which could make me feel unwell for a period of time and that will be factored into my updates.

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Pain Levelno changePositive change – reduced pain
Energyno change Positive change – increased energy
Digestionslight change Positive change – less heartburn, less bloating discomfort
Sleepno change Positive change – Increased regular sleep
Moodno change Positive change – more focused, more motivated
Weightno change No change

Wish me luck and I’ll check in again next week 💛

Starting A Small Business

The fruits of my labour are starting to take shape. Not entirely how I want the finished look to be but that’s ok, I’m not finished yet.

Getting this far has clocked up thousands of hours – it’s been worth every one of them.


Documenting my Journey with Juice Plus+ Week 2 Review

Week 2 Review

Week 2 Reflection

I’ve taken the 8 capsules every day but they haven’t been time coordinated. This is due to living with Fibromyalgia, which basically means, you do not know whether you will get any sleep or whether you’ll spend the night writhing in pain and consequently how you will feel the next morning.

If you know anyone with Fibromyalgia, you’ll know that they take a list of vitamins and minerals the length of their arm. Within that list you’ll most certainly see B12, D3 and Magnesium; energy, mood and pain. We take these faithfully in the hopes that one or all 3 symptoms will disappear and when they don’t, we continue to take them in the hope that one day they finally will, or that there will be a cure in general for this terrible condition.

Anyhow, adding Juice Plus+ to my daily intake of “good stuff” this week was a little challenging including swallowing the capsules, which wasn’t an issue last week.


  • Time:- This week I struggled with timing. It felt like the number of hours available to me weren’t enough to take the supplements, and my prescribed medications, with sufficient timeframes in between. I’m extremely cautious of taking supplements or medications on an empty stomach – experience has taught me that it’s a day wasted because of the horrible side effects.
  • Physical:- I struggled to swallow the capsules this week, but I expect that that’s related to the point discussed above.
  • Contraindications:- I’ve succeeded in managing to take everything this week, however, on Tuesday I didn’t eat much and was very sick that evening. I’ve had a headache since. I had forgotten about my experience of taking supplements on an empty stomach; I won’t again.
  • Possible Detox 1:- The sickness and headache this week could be related to detoxing (as well as empty stomach), which I would welcome, for example, my body could be in shock over the continuous intake of over 30 fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.
  • Possible Detox 2:- I reduced my intake of specific medication this week because I’ve been feeling a little more wholesome. Medically, it was fine to do so. The nausea and headache could certainly be a consequence of this, and if so, I expect it will pass soon enough. It’s a bit like which came first; the chicken or the egg; was it the detox that caused the sickness or was I sick because of lack of eating, prior to going into detox.
  • Weather:- when the weather is warm, my appetite reduces. This could be a factor in struggling to fit in medication and supplement intake with eating and sufficient time in between. I don’t foresee this to be an issue going forward, as I expect it will rectify itself.

Sunny days and reduced appetites: how I wish there were more of them

If you read my first blog detailing why I made the decision to try Juice Plus+ outlining how I would record my experience, you’ll know that I was really struggling to regain control of the condition and ultimately minimise the impact it is having on my ability to live. Basically, I am feeling dire about how it is destroying me and my capacity for giving and learning so much more in this life. So, I was and continue to be ready for anything that could improve my life, even marginally.

This week life threw me a few personal curveballs, as life often does. Stress, in general, is not a friend to Fibromyalgia. It is one of the most clearest and direct stimuli for a flare; for those unclear about Fibromyalgia, a flare refers to pain that leaves you bedridden, fatigue that zaps your energy so extensively that walking to the bathroom is practically impossible and both of these are the catalyst for low mood, anxiety and depressive feelings.

The Invisible Symptoms of Fibro

Therefore, it isn’t alarmist for me to worry that these personal stressors could re-trigger an ebbing flare. It didn’t though, I’m happy to report. Similar issues have previously triggered significant periods of ill health, but this week this didn’t happen.

I can not confidently state that this is related to Juice Plus+, nor can I confidently state that the flare won’t kick off in a day or two, but I can confidently state that I have not flared and am not currently in flare mode. Next week, I’ll have more data to reflect upon.

To top it off, we had a huge, gorgeous pink and emotionally cleansing full moon this week, which has triggered some personal stuff for me; regardless of much preparation for it. If you didn’t laugh eh 😀 On reflection, there is a slight parallel on what has emerged this week and what has emotionally transpired from the full moon, including their unexpectedness and feeling emotionally vulnerable.

I imagine that there will be many reading this thinking I’ve lost my mind; Pink Moons, what. Lol?!?, That’s ok.

I am a firm believer in the deep influence of energy, including the astrophysical on our mind, body & spirit. On all levels, I’m extremely in-tune, sometimes too in-tune and sensitive to factors like energy, weather and negativity, all of which affect my psyche, I don’t always feel that this is a good thing mind you and this full moon was particularly intense.

Getting back to the point, the triggers this week have left me a little unsettled and weepy. In spite of this, I do not physically feel the ebbing flare reigniting once again. It usually would by now, going on extensive experience, and at the moment, I’m optimistically cautious that it won’t and am eagerly hopeful that I can repeat this same statement next week 🤞🏼

The table below has been updated and copied from my Juice Plus+ Introductory Blog. In this week’s column, you will notice that I have reported positive changes for all but one variable. I’m surprised myself at this given I’m only just entering week 3. That said, I’ll take as many weeks like this as I can. Next week could be a different experience altogether, but I sincerely hope it’s not.

Week 2; Pain, Energy & Digestion

Week 2; Sleep, Mood & Weight

Next week, I intend to develop on each benefit or challenge, and how they (if any) have supported or hampered me in any way. 💛🦋

Essential Oils:- A Review 4

Essential Oils:- A Review 4

Essential Oils:- A Review 4

Today I’m going with Violet Leaf as it’s one of most comforting aromas for me, used independently or within a blend.

I’ve been blending a lot this week in preparation for the launch of Sweet Ellie Aromas – only 8 days now whoop whoop 🙌🏼 – and around four of my blends have violet leaf as the heart (middle) to base note. For me, it adds depth, it’s soothing and almost hypnotic.

Violet Leaf, (Viola odorata) comes from a perennial plant with tiny dark purple and white flowers with dark, heart shaped leaves. It’s origins stems from temperate and tropical climates, native to Italy, France and England, but can now be found in Asia, Australia and North America. There are over 200 species in the Violaceae family, including variations of the English Violet, Blue Violet, Common Violet and Sweet Violet.

The mode of distillation, grounding, is used in two ways; the flowers and leaves of the plant and only the flowers. Both create absolute forms but the latter is both difficult and extremely expensive to source, mainly being used within the high-end perfumery industry. It is estimated that 15kg of flowers are required for 1kg of oil.

Speaking with other practicing Aromatherapists, the overarching consensus was that regardless of the emotional benefits and skin enriching attributes, it would not be an oil that they would reach for, primarily because of the cost and achieving similar outcomes from different oils. It’s strong scent was also a factor.

Personally, I disagree. I love the scent; its rich, earthy, floral tones are uplifting and comforting. It’s soothing, like a caress in a bottle – I look forward to future with viral scratch and sniff options, so that you too could enjoy its tantalising aroma – imagine that 👃🏽.

Valerie Ann Worwood recommends it for “timidity of the spirit” describing it as an aid “to encourage security, courage, confidence, centering, gentleness, and upliftment.” See (Valerie Ann Worwood, Aromatherapy for the Soul (Novato, CA: New World Library, 1999, 284.) for further reading.

Historically, Violet Leaf, was used extensively in herbology (herbal medicine) for congestive pulmonary disorders, sore throats, tonsillitis in India, and in Pliny, in Ancient Greece, it was prescribed as a treatment for headaches and dizziness via a garland of weaved flowers and leaves wrapped around the head. It was (and is) widely used as a strengthening and comforting remedy during periods of grief and loss. It was during the late Victorian period that it became widely used within the Perfume and Cosmetics Industry.

The beautiful Violet Leaf

Today, Violet Leaf is used to ease muscle tension and rheumatic pain, headaches and throat pain. Mix a few drops of Violet Leaf with Lemon and Thyme essential oils into a carrier oil and massage onto the painful areas. For a sore throat, add a maximum of 5 drops into a pint of water and gargle.

Violet leaf can be added to your skincare routine to soothe inflammation, dermatitis, eczema and calm redness of the skin because of its cooling nature. It’s also moisturising, pore refining and anti-aging.

Because of it versatility, violet leaf blends beautifully with other oils including rose, clary sage, geranium, lavender and neroli as well as with bergamot, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, lime and sandalwood, cedarwood. Not forgetting patchouli, vetiver, basil, coriander. cardamom, cumin and black pepper. I probably should’ve listed the very limited number of oils that it doesn’t interact very with 😊

A few blends to try for yourself…

Happy Blend

  • 4 drops Violet Leaf
  • 3 drops Melissa
  • 3 drops Neroli
  • Add to coconut oil and massage onto body or add to a roller bottle and rub onto your pulse points regularly.
  • OR
  • Mix the same blend to spring water and add to a Mist Bottle or a Diffuser and allow this gorgeous scent dispense through your room, making you feel happy and positive

Menstruation, PMS & Menopause

  • 3 drops Ylang Ylang
  • 3 drops Violet Leaf
  • 2 drops Neroli
  • 2 drops Lemon
  • Add to jojoba or coconut oil and rub directly to the lower abdomen and lower back to ease the cramping and nausea. It also soothes the nerves and improves the mood.

These are two of my favourite blends with Violet Leaf. What are yours? I’m keen to hear, leave me a comment and we can discuss 😊

Documenting my Journey with Juice Plus+ Week 1 Review

Documenting my Journey with Juice Plus+ Week 1 Review

Week 1 Review: A brief Note

I’ve taken the 8 capsules every day. Not at the same time, but roughly so. They’re a bit challenging to swallow as they’re quite large but it’s not problematic.

There’s no ‘repeat”, meaning the taste doesn’t repeat on your tastebuds throughout the day like many other supplements do. This is a massive positive for Juice Plus+.

I’ve updated the table on the original blog, reporting no change in each of categories apart from a slight change in my digestion; repeated heartburn and indigestion pain one day, which appears to have settled itself.

I have opted into Juice Plus+ Healthy Families offer and my daughter is now benefiting from the programme through free Fruit and Vegetable capsules. This is a fantastic opportunity to get the benefits of a supplement filled with numerous merits for her health given she doesn’t eat the best most days. The fact that it’s free is hugely beneficial to families given the cost. To avail of the offer, 1 adult must be using the Premium Package, as I am.

So, until next week. Take care 🦋💛

Happy Sunday Everyone 🦋

Be The Woman series…

I’ve a lot on my plate at present with starting a new business and doing my Postgrad whilst living with a debilitating health condition, but I choose to focus on my strengths and what I can do.

This is the 2nd in the series, the first was;

“Be the woman who went for it”

Sweet Ellie Aromas

Each one reflects a mindset, that takes mental resilience & strength to get to, & maintain – thus valued & cherished when attained.

Today, I said “I can” 💪🏼

Sunday Blessings to you all 💛🦋

Let’s Talk Aromatherapy

Let’s Talk Aromatherapy

What is Aromatherapy?

Aims to holistically
heal the Mind, Body & Spirit 🌱

Contrary to Western Medicine,which treats the symptoms of the issue presented (initially), Aromatherapy will assess the mind and body to identify the root cause and begin the healing process, both physically and psychologically.

This diagram is an excellent example of the Holistic approach that Aromatherapy will explore during their assessment. What would improve the efficacy is to add environment:- this would account for the impact of the environment on an individual’s health & wellbeing. For example, the impact of the pandemic on their natural living conditions at home relative to Domestic Abuse, or poor standard of housing or high antisocial behaviour in the locality. Failure to account for such a significant part of a person’s life will skew the treatment outcomes for example, if home life is the problem no amount of Aromatherapy will improve that – changing bathe home situation is what’s needed.

Via inhalation and Skin absorption

Not forgetting Relaxation

Any questions just leave me a comment. I’d love to hear your views

M 💛

Essential Oils:- A Review 3

Essential Oils:-A Review 3

Noted for its beautiful Lime Green hue, Bergamot Orange, is a citrus fruit from the Citrus Bergamia tree. It is widely purported as a hybrid fruit of a Lime and a Bitter Orange. It’s a delicate plant, requiring a Mediterranean climate and delicate soil to flourish.

Bergamot Tree bulging with its fruits

Similar to Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Bergamot has the capacity to relax and uplift interchangeably. It’s an excellent essential oil for blending due to its capacity to ease depressive feelings, improve mood, whilst reducing anxiety. It’s also a great tonic for the nervous system, settling agitation and terror, thus making it a great essential oil to have when you’re a parent. This is a few of the many a reasons why I use Bergamot Essential Oil in a lot of my blends, not forgetting that it is extremely comforting and uplifting during PMS, Menstruation and Menopause. I personally love it mixed with Jasmine or Violet Leaf. It’s so comforting and warm and reminds me of home.

Bergamot Fruit Tree

Bergamot Essential Oil smells delicious; it’s citrusy and fruity with a flowery spice undertone. It’s classified as a Top Note in perfumery speak, meaning that it will be one of the initial scents that you smell from the blend; it won’t last very long as the mid (heart) and base notes come through and remain throughout.

Did you know that Earl Grey Tea is black tea with added Bergamot?  Simply add a few drops to your black tea and Dah Dahh, you’ve got got Earl Grey 😀

Fennel Hudson; Bergamot Tea

Used extensively by Italians and Greeks for many a year, in cooking, in skincare routines and as a mood lifter, Bergamot oil is also a prime favourite with Perfumers around the world using it in some of the most famous colognes in the market.

Jo Malone and one of her signature fragrances, Oud & Bergamot.

Adding a few drops to your skincare routine will have numerous benefits; it’s refreshing, cleansing, acting as an astringent and calms irritated skin. A word of caution however; ensure that you dilute it, at least 5:1 to avoid any irritation and as with other citrus oils, it can make the skin photosensitive, so it’s best to keep that area out of the sun for a few days.

As can be observed from the pictogram, this amazing oil is multifaceted, from a stress reliever to an antibacterial, a mood lifter to antiviral; there’s not much that Bergamot isn’t useful for.

Sweet Ellie Aromas 💛

Bergamot blends exceptionally well with Lavender, Orange, Frankincense and Lemon. Due to its versatility, the blend will either be uplifting, relaxing and anxiety reducing as well as grounding, depending on what you hope to achieve of course. It can be added during candle making, as a room mist, a pulse point, in a reed diffuser or a vaporiser. Additionally it can be used to make soaps, bath bombs, body wash and body lotion. The list really is endless.

Bergamot is good for anger, Vincent Miles

Why not…

  • Diffuse Bergamot oil wherever there are high levels of stress or carry a pulse point blend with Bergamot so that you can regularly apply it where you feel your pulse beating.
  • Add it to a Room Mist and spray a few drops on your bed prior to going asleep?
  • Add a few drops to an intensive moisturiser, apply thickly, massage it on your feet, add some socks overnight and feel how intensely soft your feet feel the next morning.
  • Add two drops to your shower gel and revel in the intense clean feeling afterwards combined with a delightful uplifting scent on your skin.

Have you any blends that you love with Bergamot? Have you any other suggestions or stories you’d love to share about it?

All comments welcome.

Thanks for reading.

Starting a Small Business with a Chronic Illness

Starting a Small Business whilst living with a Chronic Illness

I’m a proud woman. A competitive one too. Mainly with myself though, I’ve little interest in competing with others – that’s not in my nature. I find it difficult to stop going and doing even when my body reminds me it’s time for a break. Living with a chronic illness, I notice my body’s signs reminding me more often to stop and that’s hugely frustrating to me. I’m not old; I’m much too young to be feeling like this. That’s the mantra constantly running through my mind.

My business is due for launch in May and because of symptoms of Fibromyalgia, I’m running behind schedule. The problem with this is that the stress of missing a few deadlines is exacerbating my symptoms even further. I’m now in full flare.

What this means is that I’m in a lot of physical pain. I call it flitting pain because it moves around my body like a the ball in a pinball machine, with an Olympian gold winner playing the ball. It’s full body; nowhere is exempt, even my cheekbones are fair play for the insatiable Fibro.

This flare has been threatening for about two months now – I’ve not been feeling well for a long time with mini flares; short bursts of pain for a day or two, fatigue, digestive issues, low mood, and ignoring them, trying to continue on as normal, has accumulated to this ‘super flare’.

The pain is exhausting and nauseating. It’s so deep in the bones of my hands, my feet, legs, my back, knees, hips, that it makes me feel truly nauseous.

Creating a small business is no mean feat as I’m continually learning. And the more I learn, the more there is to learn:- it’s not only the creation of my products, which has been in progress for around a year now, but PR, Branding, Market Places, Pricing, Legal Requirements… and that’s just a short synopsis.

I’ve been working a lot throughout the night because sleep is elusive. I try to ignore the pain by focusing on the business. I’m not sure whether it’s working or if it’s making it worse but I can’t stand to be behind on my daily goals. It’s so frustrating because it’s a personal thing, a Virgo thing too. I can’t bare to fail. Failure isn’t acceptable to me, which I know adds surmountable stress to my life and amplifies my symptoms tenfold.

I know that acceptance is half the battle to living with Fibromyalgia. I go through periods of acceptance and living easier and being kinder to myself but this makes me feel old and infirm. It’s like my mind can’t accept that my body isn’t able to do what it should be able to do and physically no one can see a thing wrong me:- when I feel my bones breaking there’s no physical fracture nor a plaster-cast to fix it.

I’m still resentful of it and I know that this holds me back; in terms of management and recovery. I genuinely can’t help it though. I resent the moment it entered my life and resent the reasons the reasons why it entered my world. There’s a hell of a lot of resentment still here 4 years on – it’s clearly something that I need to practice on and work through. The last chapter in my journey of healing.

As far as the administration is concerned I’m where I should be, actually my ahead of myself – yayyyy, but product building is being held up by a variety of factors:

  • I need my hands and feet – but the bones feel like they’re snapping
  • I feel exhausted to my core
  • My mojo is depleted – I definitely feel low because of my lack of energy
  • My label manufacturer is running behind
  • I’m feeling a little apprehensive, new business nerves I think – is this normal?
  • I’ve just started my Postgrad; not the best of timing but I’ve to go with the university’s timeframes – again putting phenomenal pressure on myself but I must live my life and fulfil my life’s goals.

The Aromas that I’ve made are gorgeous. They’re also relaxing, uplifting, grounding and balancing; everything that I aimed for. I’m hugely proud of them and can’t wait for others to experience them. They’re unique and I created them; it’s a special time, regardless of running behind schedule. I will say this, I was floating, literally, for days afterwards – I definitely should’ve wore a safety mask to prevent me breathing in so much 😅

I’ll get there. I’ll be ready for launch day. It’ll just require some burning of the midnight oil. If I’m anything at all, I’m determined and will always see things through. It’s my super power.

Here a wee snapshot of a few of my products and their benefits:

Ukiyo Ingredients Card

Wish me luck and good health with the mental strength to do what I need to before launch day, but also that I enjoy every aspect of doing so.

Thank you for reading.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome ☺️

Easter 2021 🐣

Easter 2021 🐣

It’s Easter Sunday, 4th April 2021. It’s also my Mum’s birthday 🎂 👑

My Kiddos and I were ranking our most favourite breaks of the year and surprisingly Easter was ranked last by the both of them. The few days off with the family had no bearing on their decision, but given this is the 2nd Easter in Lockdown, I’m not really surprised about that – they’ve had enough days off, isolated away from the world.

It got me thinking about my Easter holidays growing up and how they compared to theirs. Easter break was a big deal, coming third to Christmas and Summer holidays for me. Whilst i’m not a practicing Catholic, Mass was never missed on Easter Sunday, or if you did when you were old enough to go independently, you made sure you knew which Priest said Mass. You’d get a right clip around the ear if you were caught – and I often was. Time off school was another positive factor for me, but given the amount of lockdowns and school closures, my two are eager to to return to normal.

Easter, as a child, was about getting new clothes; the younger that I was, I’d have been dressed in Greens and Lemons to remember Ireland’s Dead. In similar vein these colours represented your respect the martyrs of The Easter Rising, 1916. I was too young to understand the sentiment but it was certainly an indication of the respect that my parents had for the bravery of those men and women and what then became the onset of years of civil war and the division of Ireland, with the South ultimately becoming a Republic.

Strangely both of them ranked Valentines Day higher than Easter which was interesting given that both despise over commercialised days. Poor old Cupid.

My eldest classifies himself as Atheist and my youngest says she’s Agnostic. My eldest said that she only tells me that to avoid hurting me and that’s she’s really Atheist too. She is a wee sweetheart 😊. I tend to avoid labelling myself as anything but if I was to call myself anything, I’d say I’m Spiritual. So, I’d say that their current lack of faith doesn’t worry me too much. I recall my youth feeling that religion was forced upon me by my family; my Mother’s side – their love for me stretched beyond life itself, to the elevation of my soul in the after life. I went to Catholic Primary and Grammar, which meant that Religion was almost as important as all the other subjects together. Prayers were said in the mornings upon start of the school day, and at the beginning of each class. Our souls were certainly cleansed back then. So, I rebelled. Against it all. I beeked Mass and then beeked school (Belfast speak for not attending somewhere that you’re meant to, behind your parents backs.).

I found Mass and praying boring. There was no investment, in my opinion, from the Catholic Church, to engage with children and young people to make it interesting, to get a ‘buy in’ so that children feel part of something and have fun learning about the preachings of Jesus. The attitude from the Church hierarchy was question not – and for questioning, curious minds like my own, being told to believe in the mysteries. I mean no disrespect to the Catholic Church, nor it’s followers, but I think it’s pretty indicative of a growing disharmony amongst Western communities that Church pews are practically empty. There is also the thousands of abuse cases, but that’s for another day, maybe…

Chocolate was thee thing that we all agreed on but as commercialised as it’s become, even that isn’t a big deal to children these days. So, it got me thinking about the point of it all…

For people of Faith it represents the rebirth of Christ, demonstrating the might of God, returning someone to life. For others, it represents New Beginnings, of Spring, of coming out of a harsh winter into brighter days and the potential of abundance. Increased sunshine, increased Vitamin D, increased time spent outdoors.

For others, it’s a time to recharge and take a break from school or work. To spend more time with their families and to cook nice food and break bread together.

For me, it’s a mixture of them all. I don’t disbelieve the story of Christ’s rebirth but I have my own perspective. It is a period for new beginnings, for time with my family, for having lovely food and sitting at a table with my two bringing forth the transition from winter to spring and an incoming summer regardless of the enormity of rain dropped upon us in Ireland. It’s a time to appreciate and have gratitude for my kiddos, my Mum and siblings, my close friends. I give thanks for the beauty of my Mama, for her influence in my life and the abundance of her love and nurturing throughout my life.

Likewise, in Paganism, I welcome the new Moons and their cleansing and revitalising properties. I was really emotional one day last week, but couldn’t work out why. I noticed that my daughter was teary too. Shining through my window, splendid in light was the Libra Moon. Completely gorgeous but also the source of our emotional outbursts; it was both cleansing and healing.

This year in particular I welcome the opportunity for change with open arms, for new, for the opportunities that 2021 can bring despite Covid. Already it has begun with the winning of a scholarship for my Masters and I open my heart for the abundance of love that’s ahead of me.

Most of all I welcome more time with my family, we’ve had some worrying news about Mum, which has shaken us all, but I’m choosing to be positive and believe that she will be ok. Finally, I welcome the making memories with my children, because they are getting older and so am I. 💛

What’s your thoughts on Easter? Is it as important as it was when you were young? Maybe it wasn’t a holiday period for you? Do you think that it’s over-commercialised and not enough about Christ? I’d love to hear your thoughts ☘️🇮🇪