Easter 2021 🐣

Easter 2021 🐣

It’s Easter Sunday, 4th April 2021. It’s also my Mum’s birthday 🎂 👑

My Kiddos and I were ranking our most favourite breaks of the year and surprisingly Easter was ranked last by the both of them. The few days off with the family had no bearing on their decision, but given this is the 2nd Easter in Lockdown, I’m not really surprised about that – they’ve had enough days off, isolated away from the world.

It got me thinking about my Easter holidays growing up and how they compared to theirs. Easter break was a big deal, coming third to Christmas and Summer holidays for me. Whilst i’m not a practicing Catholic, Mass was never missed on Easter Sunday, or if you did when you were old enough to go independently, you made sure you knew which Priest said Mass. You’d get a right clip around the ear if you were caught – and I often was. Time off school was another positive factor for me, but given the amount of lockdowns and school closures, my two are eager to to return to normal.

Easter, as a child, was about getting new clothes; the younger that I was, I’d have been dressed in Greens and Lemons to remember Ireland’s Dead. In similar vein these colours represented your respect the martyrs of The Easter Rising, 1916. I was too young to understand the sentiment but it was certainly an indication of the respect that my parents had for the bravery of those men and women and what then became the onset of years of civil war and the division of Ireland, with the South ultimately becoming a Republic.

Strangely both of them ranked Valentines Day higher than Easter which was interesting given that both despise over commercialised days. Poor old Cupid.

My eldest classifies himself as Atheist and my youngest says she’s Agnostic. My eldest said that she only tells me that to avoid hurting me and that’s she’s really Atheist too. She is a wee sweetheart 😊. I tend to avoid labelling myself as anything but if I was to call myself anything, I’d say I’m Spiritual. So, I’d say that their current lack of faith doesn’t worry me too much. I recall my youth feeling that religion was forced upon me by my family; my Mother’s side – their love for me stretched beyond life itself, to the elevation of my soul in the after life. I went to Catholic Primary and Grammar, which meant that Religion was almost as important as all the other subjects together. Prayers were said in the mornings upon start of the school day, and at the beginning of each class. Our souls were certainly cleansed back then. So, I rebelled. Against it all. I beeked Mass and then beeked school (Belfast speak for not attending somewhere that you’re meant to, behind your parents backs.).

I found Mass and praying boring. There was no investment, in my opinion, from the Catholic Church, to engage with children and young people to make it interesting, to get a ‘buy in’ so that children feel part of something and have fun learning about the preachings of Jesus. The attitude from the Church hierarchy was question not – and for questioning, curious minds like my own, being told to believe in the mysteries. I mean no disrespect to the Catholic Church, nor it’s followers, but I think it’s pretty indicative of a growing disharmony amongst Western communities that Church pews are practically empty. There is also the thousands of abuse cases, but that’s for another day, maybe…

Chocolate was thee thing that we all agreed on but as commercialised as it’s become, even that isn’t a big deal to children these days. So, it got me thinking about the point of it all…

For people of Faith it represents the rebirth of Christ, demonstrating the might of God, returning someone to life. For others, it represents New Beginnings, of Spring, of coming out of a harsh winter into brighter days and the potential of abundance. Increased sunshine, increased Vitamin D, increased time spent outdoors.

For others, it’s a time to recharge and take a break from school or work. To spend more time with their families and to cook nice food and break bread together.

For me, it’s a mixture of them all. I don’t disbelieve the story of Christ’s rebirth but I have my own perspective. It is a period for new beginnings, for time with my family, for having lovely food and sitting at a table with my two bringing forth the transition from winter to spring and an incoming summer regardless of the enormity of rain dropped upon us in Ireland. It’s a time to appreciate and have gratitude for my kiddos, my Mum and siblings, my close friends. I give thanks for the beauty of my Mama, for her influence in my life and the abundance of her love and nurturing throughout my life.

Likewise, in Paganism, I welcome the new Moons and their cleansing and revitalising properties. I was really emotional one day last week, but couldn’t work out why. I noticed that my daughter was teary too. Shining through my window, splendid in light was the Libra Moon. Completely gorgeous but also the source of our emotional outbursts; it was both cleansing and healing.

This year in particular I welcome the opportunity for change with open arms, for new, for the opportunities that 2021 can bring despite Covid. Already it has begun with the winning of a scholarship for my Masters and I open my heart for the abundance of love that’s ahead of me.

Most of all I welcome more time with my family, we’ve had some worrying news about Mum, which has shaken us all, but I’m choosing to be positive and believe that she will be ok. Finally, I welcome the making memories with my children, because they are getting older and so am I. 💛

What’s your thoughts on Easter? Is it as important as it was when you were young? Maybe it wasn’t a holiday period for you? Do you think that it’s over-commercialised and not enough about Christ? I’d love to hear your thoughts ☘️🇮🇪

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